Santa Barbara Marine Outdoor Classroom Field Trip


“Connecting Kids To The Ocean” Field Trip


The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

& Outdoor Classroom or Kayak Tour

Across America today, children's health, development, learning, and well-being have been seriously compromised by decades of changes that have dramatically altered their childhood. Key among these changes has been a significantly reduced amount of time spent outdoors, which is linked to a number of  detrimental trends. The Marine Outdoor Classroom was created to help introduce kids to the ocean, and all it has to offer. The ocean can be many things to many people. Our education based outdoor classroom is designed to educate kids on the many uses of the ocean and how we can better protect it.

The source of our curriculum is from the NOAA Marine Debris Program and their partners. Everyone has a role to play in raising awareness about the problem of cleaner oceans. This is a great way to educate today's students while they enjoy the wonders of the Pacific Ocean as they paddle through the Santa Barbara Harbor!

Maritime Museum

Our hands on interactive day will start with an hour of discovery at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Students will go from station to station and experience going through the kelp bed, raising the sail on a boat, and sorting trash.

Students will choose a fish: Garibaldi, Sargo, Rock-fish or Yellow-tail. They will receive a flash-card telling them about their fish and instructing them to release it back into the kelp forest when they are done learning about it. This exposes them to the catch-and-release fishing technique, teaching them to keep the ocean full.

The next station is an interactive trash game where students learn about pollution and how to keep the ocean clean. Due to powerful ocean currents there are giant mounds of trash in the middle of the ocean, some as big as the state of Texas. Students will pull flash cards out of the trash. The cards represent plastic bags, newspapers, bananas and other items, telling the students how long it takes for each item to decompose. We teach them to put it in the trash to keep the ocean safe, clean and healthy.

In another section of the Museum there is a wooden fishing vessel for commercial fishing. Students will learn fishing techniques as well as how to raise and lower sails.

The “Deep Water Commercial Diving” exhibit is an interactive must! Students experience scuba-diving by putting on a diving helmet built for the museum by the world-famous diving helmet-maker Bob Kirby, based on the film “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

Finally a new temporary exhibit, “Tattoos and Scrimshaw: The Art of a Sailor'” explains the importance of tattoos to sailors. The exhibit will feature a temporary tattoo machine for the students to use.

Santa Barbara Harbor Kayak Tour (students 8 yrs old & over)

 This fun and easy Kayak Excursion is designed for 8 year old's and over. The tour begins with a briefing on kayak safety and effective kayaking techniques. We will start from the Santa Barbara Harbor’s boat launch and lead your group out to the one mile buoy just past the harbor and Stern’s Wharf. During the tour your students may be greeted by the locals: dolphins, California sea lions and seals.

Outdoor Marine Classroom (students 2 – 7 years old)

Our Marine Outdoor Classroom will be conducted on the beach. Students will participate in a natural environment. This hands-on learning experience is safe and fun. Students will learn what belongs on the beach and what does not. They will participate in a beach scavenger hunt. They will search for interesting “natural” items. They will sort the items choosing the most interesting. The instructor will explain each item. Items we see the most are kelp, shark eggs, sand crab claws, shells and driftwood. At the conclusion of the class we instruct the students to replace all the items on the beach as close to where they found them as they can. This teaches them the importance of keeping our beaches as natural and untouched as possible. Just remember the shell you might take home with you could be the next home for a crab to live in. How would you feel if when you got home from school someone had moved your home? Crabs are people too. Well not quite.....


Lunch can be scheduled after the museum visit before the Kayak Tour or the Outdoor Marine Classroom. Lunch is not included in the price of the tour. We suggest you bring sack lunches for the students, teachers, student teachers & parents.


Please call Captain Jack's Tours at 805 564-1819 for available dates and times.


Maritime Museum with Harbor Kayak Tour $30.00 per student, teacher, student teacher & parent.

Maritime Museum with Outdoor Marine Classroom $25.00 per student. Teacher, student teacher & Parent.

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